Character Infobox - Housemother
Race Human
Given Name Unknown
Gender Female
Visible Age ~60
Affiliation Old Home
Job Housemother
Voice ActorEN Noelle DePaula
Voice ActorJP ?

The housemother is the on-site teacher and care-taker of the young feathers. She appears crass and cold, but she has valuable lessons to offer and clearly cares for the haibane, even those who aren't young feathers, such as Reki, who has chosen to be her assistant as an occupation.

Symbolism, Interpretation, and Theories Edit

Old Home was probably once a boarding school, and is known that as humans began to abandon it, it became a nest for haibane. Because the haibane began to show up before humans had completely abandoned it, it's possible that the housemother simply never left and continued to perform her old job in service of the haibane. If this is true, her daily expenses would likely be paid for by the Haibane Renmei's profitable trade with the Toga.

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